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Should pay attention to the details of the use of sanitary n

Date:2014-02-09 Sanitary napkins are designed specifically for women , in the use of sanitary napkins , women need special care and caution , menstrual care products rose gifted experts said a female friend must be careful to use sanitary napkins , sanitary napkins can decide menstrual hygiene problem , here we take a look at the use of sanitary napkins need to pay attention to what the details.

Should pay attention to the details of the use of sanitary napkins :

1 Do not use scented sanitary napkins or drugs. Under normal circumstances, the drug only in a certain range of sanitary napkins and extent of female genitals play a protective role, but not everyone is suitable. Due to personal physical differences , some people , such as allergic reactions and itching in contact with drug or napkin scented , so women should be used with caution .

2 , the sanitary napkin to select the note permeability. There are usually many women in order to facilitate their own , often choose to absorb a large quantity of sanitary napkins , in fact, this is not advocated , sanitary napkins for a long time without replacing the words may lead to deterioration of local exhaust ventilation , causing the bacteria multiply , easy to induce disease.

3 , before using sanitary napkins, a female friend to cultivate the habit of washing hands , because in the process of opening to the adhesive sanitary napkins are operated by hand , and place the napkin is in direct contact with the female genital , if not pay attention to hygiene it may lead to infection and other problems.
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