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How to wash women’s underwear

Date:2014-02-11 Choice and washing of women’s underwear are important and what’s the good way to wash the underwear?
Some women choose special small washing machine for washing underwear and some use washing powder for underwear. But the washing machine and washing powder are all stimulating and professional cleaning agent is better.
Cleaning agent is pure natural and not stimulating with the similar decontamination principle with washing powder. The scientific formula of removing bloodiness in cleaning agent brings better effect of cleaning than washing powder. Less foam produced by cleaning agent makes the underwear be rinsed more easily and saves water at the same time.
UUCare experts remind that we had better choose suitable detergent according to clothes materials. Generally speaking, cleaning agent is good for intimates and children’s clothing. laundry detergent is good for soft clothing. Washing powder is good for thick and heavy coats as well as curtain, sofa cover, etc.
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