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How to adjust extremely long menstrual period?


 How to adjust extremely long menstrual period. period should be taken seriously by female friend. It’s a long term job and need to be taken patiently. Professional doctor and safe pharmacy is the right choice.

1.Women whose menstruation circle is normal, menstrual blood volume is large and in light color without other abnormal symptoms.
This condition may be caused by heavy mental stress. Women of this symptom should adjust mentality, look out nutrition and life style. Excessive dieting, tobacco and alcohol addiction should be forbidden. Calming down is a good way to relieve it.
2.Women whose menstruation is extended and the blood color is abnormal accompany with bellyache and vaginal itching.
This symptom may have something to do with pelvic inflammation, myoma of uterus, adenomyosis of uterus and endocrine dyscrasia, etc. The patients had better accept B ultrasound examination in professional hospital for the corresponding treatment.

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