100% Pure cotton import from USA,
Slow release Cool Technology

100% Pure cotton imported from USA, 3D bumpy surface design, reducing skin contact ,
making skin feel clean.Cool sensation feel with UUcare Slow Release Technology.

Made with polymer (SAP) from Japan, promotes instant absorbency,New breathable base film, gentle to skin。

New Improved Cool Technology

Natural pure cotton gentle to skin, dry and breathable

Redefining sanitary napkins by UUcare

Antibacterial protection, Healthy Lifestyle

100% Pure cotton

100% Pure cotton imported from Japan, delicate and gentle to the skin.3D bumpy surface design, reducing skin contact by 30%, making skin feel clean.Slow released cooling sensation with UUcare Slow Release Technology

Cool Slow Release Technology

UUcare uses a microcapsule coating technology that keeps methol extract and natural plant essential oil from the loss of volatile components and to attach the microcapsules to the surface material of the sanitary napkin through an atomization technology. When using our Cool Technology sanitary napkin, the microcapsules are triggered by the temperature and humidity of the human body and expanded with the friction of the human body thus releasing the cooling effect. The transdermal absorption helps to relieve women from the humid environment during menstrual period.