Herbaceous womb-warming pastes
The womb-warming pastes containing wormwood, lavender, etc. These elements help relieving dysmenorrhea, dispelling dampness and coldness. They are good for regulation of vital-energy and blood, as well as dredging the meridian. Female genital system will be nursed comprehensively by improving microcirculation.Warming the womb, improving microcirculation, facilitating menstruation discharge smoothly.Warming the womb, relieving dysmenorrheal, decreasing occurrence of ovarian cyst or fibroid.Caring the womb, maintaining good running of ovarian function, facilitating menstruation circulation when menstrual period come.Daily caring, promoting coordination and working of the physical functions.
Panties Measurements by Hip Size:
Each heat pad can last for 12 hours
Each box has 3 pcs


UUcare Heat Pad

Gives you with a pain-free period
Helps relieves Menstrual cramps naturally and effectively
No more pills
Keeps you warm during cold weather.

Combines TCM acupuncture theory and modern biophysical techniques, helps prevent postpartum disease, improves postpartum body recovery
Uses natural heating technology, once opening of the inner package and in contact with the environment, heat reaction occurs.
Contain wormwood, lavender and other ingredients that can warm womb thus easing menstrual pain, virtual cold, to reconcile blood, dredge the meridians, improve microcirculation, overall conditioning of the female reproductive system

Usage and dosage: 
Remove the heat pad from the inner bag, stick the pad on the inside of clothing;
To use 2-4 days before menstruation start, each pad can last for more than 12 hours ; 
Women who has dysmenorrhea and girls in their menarche period need to use for 3 to 4 cycles. Various postpartum pain need to use for 20 to 30 days. 
Heat pads can be used daily or alternate days for normal routine health care
A:During menstrual period
1):Warm uterus, improve microcirculation and promote the   smooth discharge of fluids。
2):Warm uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids andovarian cysts and lower the probability of occurring.

B:During non-menstrual period(before period)
1):Conservation of the uterus, to maintain the normal 
         operation of ovarian function, and promote blood
         circulation when menstruation starts 
 2):Routine health care, and promote mutual co-operation with the function of the body.



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